Secure Your Website with a Free SSL

Secure your website with a free SSL and take your site to the next level. With an SSL your URL will appear in browsers with a lock.

What is an SSL certificate?

For the best definition of what an SSL is we’ll quote from

An SSL certificate (also known as a TLS or SSL/TLS certificate) is a digital document that binds the identity of a website to a cryptographic key pair consisting of a public key and a private key. The public key, included in the certificate, allows a web browser to initiate an encrypted communication session with a web server via the TLS and HTTPS protocols. The private key is kept secure on the server, and is used to digitally sign web pages and other documents (such as images and JavaScript files).

An SSL certificate also includes identifying information about a website, including its domain name and, optionally, identifying information about the site’s owner. If the web server’s SSL certificate is signed by a publicly trusted certificate authority (CA), like, digitally signed content from the server will be trusted by end users’ web browsers and operating systems as authentic.

So how do you get a FREE SSL?!

It’s very simple to get a free SSL from CLOUDFLARE. Yes by simply using Cloudflare’s DNS you can route traffic through them. For more information check out their plans and pricing. Sign up for the first tier which is FREE.

Need more SSL options?

It’s Chris Schillinger, owner of Art 4 Bitcoin. I also run Red 9 Hosting that uses GoDaddy’s back end coupled with Wild West Domains. I offer WordPress and CPanel Hosting and most plans include a SSL. Some like my Web Hosting Plus allow for multiple websites with SSL’s included with each website that automatically update. Check out Red 9 Hosting for another free SSL option.