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Welcome to the Art for Bitcoin Blog. There had been more posts here however a data base problem occurred during a transfer and now I’m starting all over again. If you like to blog then drop me a line. I’d love to feature your stuff on Bitcoin and Art – for or against – I’d like to hear what you have to say.

The Chase is Better than the Catch – a song about SBF & Caroline Ellison

By |January 14, 2023|Categories: bitcoin|Tags: , , , |

"Silver Tongued Devil, Demon Letch" …a song about SBF, Caroline Ellison and Bitcoin Over a bowl of chopped up cucumber and high on acid did Sam whisper into Caroline's ear, "double up or quit, double stake or split"? Was the late Lemme Kilmister of Motörhead, actually Nostradamus 2.0 and

Will Bitcoin Rally Again?

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Will Bitcoin Rally Again? Will Bitcoin Rally again? A fantastic investing site I frequent is Seeking Alpha. One of the recent articles by Knox Ridley points to a coming rally. Ridley states that despite the steep 80%+ selloffs, Bitcoin has reclaimed new highs within 3.5 years, every time. Ridley

Selling Art for Bitcoin

By |November 2, 2022|Categories: bitcoin|

How Artists Are Making Money By Selling Their Artwork for Bitcoin Selling Art For Bitcoin In the world of art and finance, there's a new trend that is rapidly gaining traction. A growing number of artists are now selling their artwork for Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency. This


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