Dominic Snow- About the Artist…

Dominic Snow in his own words:

I have been producing art of various kinds for as long as I remember but only seriously engaged with it when in my mid 20s five years after failing at art college. All the work on the website , which is really just a sample of my work, has been produced from the early 90s until now. In common with many artists and artisans I have had to do other things at times to make a living and I believe this has enriched my ideas and my art works. The murals for example all came about by people commissioning them and it allowed me to explore areas away from pure abstract art and embrace figurative art combined with humour and silliness as most were for children.
I have also worked extensively in steel construction, welding, teaching and building, ultimately leading me to study for and achieve an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies. All of these things would appear to be a distraction from the art world, but in effect they are the opposite, they have allowed me to bring the fruits of a broad education to bear on my thinking and my art, freeing me up to be inspired from a whole range of disciplines.

Dominic Snow’s website can be found at Dominic Snow Art.

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