Poesy Liang – About the Artist…

Poesy Liang – in her own words:

It all happened by fluke in March 2011 when I ran out of money and was stranded in Europe with just €200 left for my last 2 months of the Bald Empathy Movement tour. The situation was a dire one and I desperately needed to earn some money to bring myself to Cannes to finalize the journey in May 2011 and to return home to Asia afterwards.

With little resources and limited art supplies, I sat by the sidewalks of Paris and started to paint. Due to the possible dangers being all on my own as a sidewalk artist, with my walking immobility, I only exposed myself for 2 hours each day. I posted photos of my work here and soon my art began to sell to people from countries all over the world. With that I managed to make ends meet to continue my journey to Cannes. It was the LInen Trees Sidewalk Series and White Cartoon Sidewalk Series that saved the day. This passionate new career redeemed me from many dire situations that followed, and I am eternally grateful to the people who started to collect my work right from the start.

My original plan was to debut myself as an artist in 2016, but somehow it happened 5 years ahead of schedule. So here is a showcase of my various artwork – past, present and future.

I started with art at 6 years old as a young apprentice with 2 gurus who were my father’s artist friends, and received tutoring for Chinese watercolours, Chinese landscape painting, Chinese seal carving and Chinese calligraphy. It was from the nurturing of my gurus that I developed a love for calligraphy and the spatial visualisation that comes with the training. It was no coincidence that I grew up with the inclination to pursue architectural studies.

Do post all queries on the wall and they will be responded to as soon as I can.

Thank you for visiting and helping me generate new friends among your selected circles. I highly appreciate your personal referral. Hope you enjoy my journey and do walk along with me.


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