Lindsey Nobel – About The Artist…

Lindsey Nobel’s objective as an artist is to represent all aspects of human interaction from neurology to sociality within our contemporary society. Hey study goes from the microenvironment of neuronal synaptic junctions to the macro expanding of urban cities and digital networks. Since 1996 to 2013 Lindsey has been expressing the results of her studies by utilizing different techniques from painting to sculpture, mixed media and photography. Her paintings utilize oil, acrylic, ink, coffee and pen. The materials are canvas, masonite and wood panels. Drawing mainly on paper and canvas. The sculptures are made in plastic, bronze and silver. In Lindsey Nobel’s own words:

For my art I have developed a drawing language based on the otherwise invisible connections between humans and machines, effectively manifesting the immense grid of energy that now exists between human, machine, and spiritual consciousness. Humans found, or perhaps even invented, that consciousness, and we are now mapping it with our newest technologies, technologies that weave us together and make the universe that much smaller – small enough to fit onto a painting or even a sheet of paper. I express this otherwise invisible language through mark-making, drawn and painted and even photographed and sculpted. Dots, lines, pods, licks of fire and drops of water transform into networks that I describe as “neurons” because they resemble the human nervous system. In fact, they suggest that all of reality has a nervous system, and our reality constitutes its synapses, is the case of the “Neuron Paintings” Existing drawings converted into sculptures made of plastic that represents neurons then photographed. It’s this idea of a neuron trapped in time. An abstract idea that only you remember. The resin acts as a reflection of yourself and you become one with the piece. A true mixed media. An overlapping of sculpture, painting, photography and drawing all in one. Another technique has been used for the Ejection Series by using ejections of paint through a 50cc syringe. It represents just going for it, “leap of faith”. “You have one shot”. In the case of the Photography “Straight Up Photography”. Idea of emotions and how temporary a feeling can be. We take on whatever it is at that moment. Our mind functions on so many emotions. The white sculpture represents us and the liquid is the idea of a temporary state or thought or place in time. Objects, smells, taste, visuals, all remind of us of something in our lives. These photos represent a specific moment that eventually becomes nostalgia to you. The most recent Liquid Line Series Breaking away from traditional painting methods ie. Brushes, fingers, pens, pastels. Based on human interaction and the idea of being invisibly connected with everyone on the planet. We have the ability to always be connected via technology, thoughts, and actions.

The assembling of different techniques represents an evolution from a single media to a more integrated use of techniques, giving Lindsey Nobel the opportunity to represent her work from different perspectives.

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