Kristofer McDermott – About The Artist…

Kristofer Mcdermott is a mixed media artist, but specializes in acrylics and airbrush art. Born in upstate New York, Kristofer moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2014 to pursue his career in the arts.
He is known for working with different mediums, and his ability to switch his style to adapt to the situation at hand. His paintings sometimes are carefully planned out – taking every detail into consideration, and carefully applying each brush stroke. However they could also be a complete act of spontaneity, expressing himself through random explosions of brush strokes and feeling, allowing only his absorption into the music to guide his creative flow.
A philanthropist at heart, Kris is an advocate of returning the human condition back to the social and psychological state which nature intended, before corruption and greed were the focus of our political agendas. He highly supports new organizations and technologies which have emerged on the forefront of this battle to restore power to the people, showing his passions by applying it to canvas, and even organizing large art and music events that align with the cause.
He is proud to introduce his acceptance and encouragement of Bitcoin as a means for which to purchase his work, and as a means of exchange at his events. Feel free to contact him if you want to discuss art, creation, or ideas of social evolution, as he is fond of connecting with like minded supporters. If you would like to help Kristofer on his journey to express the need for change artistically, please leave some cryptolove at
And of course be sure to check out his site at
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